In 2012 a large federal contractor approached Topside consulting to evaluate an acquisition candidate to accelerate corporate growth.  The company had been told the analysis would take 3 months to accomplish with a full time staff of 3 people.  Topside’s group of specialists in acquisition, contracts, finance, legal, market valuation, and corporate efficiency gathered to assess the project and determined that the objective could be achieved in 30 days with a team with the right experience and that the recommendations would be based on hands-on market experience.

Topside’s team developed a detailed strategy and roadmap for the 30 day project and assessed each of the levers of acquisition.  Subject matter experts met with both the buyer and acquisition  candidate to evaluate the potential of the acquisition and the value to the buyer. At the end of the 30 days, Topside prepared a detailed recommendation regarding the acquisition as well as guiding the client through next steps in the process based on the team’s industry experience.

The process went smoothly and both the buyer and acquirer were eased through the process in all aspects of the acquisition.  Topside’s executives not only understand the transaction, but also the human impacts of change.  We bring this experience to each engagement in order to ensure success for everyone involved.