Topside’s consultants have experience designing large government acquisition schedules as well as buying through these programs. This knowledge in hand, we were approached by a mid-tier company pursuing a Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC). The lack of contract vehicles had caused the company to designate this GWAC as a “must win”.

Topside assessed the situation and recognized the company had done limited government work and usually this had been as a subcontractor. Our experienced consultants led the development of a set of win themes and also developed a key personnel call plan to raise the visibility of the company. Topside also provided support to identify, contact and vet teaming partners to strengthen weaknesses of the prime contractor.

After the research and direction were set, Topside provided intelligence updates throughout the proposal processes to identify key evaluation hot buttons. This ongoing intelligence was funneled into the Color team reviews and Topside also provided proposal writing support throughout the process. Topside’s client company won their first GWAC.