Topside, with a long history of successful capture support, was contacted by a large integrator, pursuing a $50 million software development program. We put together an experienced Topside support team that has been in key government leadership roles and understood the government’s very prescriptive process to buy services from the private sector. Our team also included extensive commercial experience, and we understood how to lead the capture process.

The program was up for contract re-competition, which meant that contrary to incumbent contractor’s propaganda, intelligence gathering revealed performance problems and even some behavior the government disliked. Topside’s key consultants conducted very focused market research, which revealed that the government regarded cost growth was more a result of poor management than scope creep.

As a result, with the Topside team’s guidance, pricing was aggressive, the technical proposal was well done, and client’s solid past performance in the agency was effectively communicated. After a rigorous bid no bid process and color team reviews, the proposal was deemed superior by the government and the client won without protest.